Is Cung Le Guilty of a Failed HGH Test?

Is Cung Le Guilty of a Failed HGH Test? The public jury is still out on this topic, but the UFC sentenced Le to a guilty verdict already.

In 2014, the UFC stepped up their drug testing in an effort to help clean the sport of cheaters and to shut all the critics up. So far, this dragnet has scooped up fighters left and right. Top level fighters are getting popped for performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

The once widely used PED’s are now stopping cheaters dead in their tracks. Most recently, it was Cung Le. For anyone that hasn’t seen Le’s body change prior to his fight with Michael Bisping, needs to check the photos out.

Le posted a photo prior to his fight with Bisping and the Internet was set on fire. Everyone went crazy over the photo, because it was clear Le’s body had changed. This photo probably wouldn’t have been questioned, if Cung Le was a younger fighter and was dropping weight classes.

Not a middle aged man (42 years old), who hasn’t been this ripped in years. It is obvious, he is on some type of PED from the photo. When called out by Bisping, Brian Stan and the world, Le responded by saying the photo was taken after a workout and the lighting was just right.

That should have been a clear indicator to Le, that he had a giant target on his back. After the fight, the UFC administered an enhanced drug test. The test came back, that Le was positive for high levels of HGH. Le is adamant that he never used HGH and that the test is incorrect.

The UFC has since suspended Le for one year. Le still remains steadfast on his innocence. Some people have come to Le’s defense, stating that there is no accurate way to test for elevated levels of HGH. Claiming that everyones levels are different and they would need a baseline from Le prior to his fight, to compare to his levels after the fight. The lab that the UFC chose was not equipped to preform the HGH testing and the sample should have been sent to a WADA lab. The sample cannot be review for further testing, as it was destroyed.

The UFC is not buying into Le’s defense. To me, it seems impossible for Le’s body to change like it did. To burn body fat and gain ripped lean muscle at his age is ridiculous to think that it can happen. Some genetic freaks (Hector Lombard & Yoel Romero) can accomplish this, but for the rest of us, we need a boost/PED’s.

What I find interesting about Le’s test results are, he did not test high for anything else. Look at Chael Sonnen. When he recently got popped, they found multiple PED’s in his system. Things that went undetected in the past, are now being caught by the UFC’s enhanced drug testing. Why didn’t they find anything else in Le’s body other than HGH?

Is this a mistake on the UFC’s part? If there is an appeal process, I think Le has a good chance of beating this on a technicality. Do I believe he is innocent? No. Grab your popcorn because this should be interesting to see how this unfolds and what it means for future drug test administered by the UFC to its fighters.

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